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A thank you letter

by Blair on Jan.23, 2009, under NEWS

Last night I received an email message with the subject title “thank you” that everyone should read because it’s really meant for all of you here. Sometimes at the end of a long journey, it’s things like this that truly move you and make it all worthwhile.

hey — not sure who to address this to as it looks like a collective effort, but I just wanted to pass along my thanks.

It’s truly humbling that you guys would take the time and effort to try to get the film recognized. I, like you, was disappointed that Chris didn’t get some recognition this morning, but for Heath and so many of the people who worked so hard on this thing to get nominated is thrilling.

Any nominations for a comic book movie is a thing of beauty no matter how you slice it, and that takes the sting out a bit.  Besides, I’ve been to the big show before, and, like any of these things, it’s a little disappointing. Did you know it’s not even an open bar once the show starts? At least this time I would have remembered to bring a little cash so I could buy myself a drink after losing.

The best part of this experience is seeing other people getting passionate about the film the way that we did. It has been a truly incredible experience. So thank you again.


jonah nolan


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  1. Ananda

    Wow, that’s really something. We all here thank you back Mr. Nolan to be so humble and kind, we really appreciate your work and we all know for sure that this injustice will be mended in the future. We all know if there’s ever a “TDK Returns” you are the guys to pull it off and leave the Academy and us speechless and have your deserved award. Thanks very much from all of us.

  2. Tarun Sharma

    Its hard to believe but YES even the OSCARS are Biased. SHAME ON THEM

  3. Ananda

    Because he’s the hero the Oscars need, but not the one they deserve right now. So we’ll support him, because he’s not a hero, he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.

  4. Rayne

    I tried to tell you all that we got noticed, and made a difference. And I don’t think anyone believed me. I knew a letter of some kind was coming. I was in constant contact with Warner Brothers, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Yet again, everyone blew it off. I believe in this campaign and what it has done. We accomplished a lot here. That is why i fought so hard to get it attention.

    Mr. Nolan, if you and Chris ever read this, please know that we love the film, we believe in its potential both Past, Present and Future. It is truely a Masterpiece. We all eagerly await the next installment if you so decide to make one. And even though the Academy snubbed you for Best Picture, and Best Director, we all just want you to know, that we the fans, and movie-goers all agree in unison that to us, “The Dark Knight” Is the best Picture of 2008, but not just that, as writers you raised the bar quite a bit. and that is what captures the heart of movie audiences is a good story. Thank you once again, and Good Luck!!!

  5. BrideofJoker

    What a great letter. In the end the Dark Knight truly is a critical and popular success and years from now, nobody will remember most of the films the Academy is trying to promote. It would’ve been a nice honor, but it ultimately cannot change how great a film is.

  6. z00ts

    Thank you to both the Nolan brothers for writing and directing such an excellent film. I truly look forward to the next creations that you two create.

  7. Sunarep

    Wow… I am really stunned,
    A small letter like this means a lot - at least for me I am happy to see that a Person like Mr. Nolan takes a little time to appreciate a “fanboy-rampage” :D

    But seriously, THANK YOU Mr. Nolan and all those who worked on this film to deliver us one of the most extraordinary movies - years from now nobody will remember a lot of movies that cashed in awards and oscars, but Dark Knight prevail

    Once again thanks

  8. Linda

    This film deserves more than an award

  9. eric

    what a nice thing to say and do! i really think its neat how much people in the industry listen to us and appreciate how much we care. that was so neat of jonah to do!

  10. shirley

    thank you for making a great film.

  11. Linda

    I hope there is another Batman, Jonah. Because i’m sure it will be great.

  12. joshmc

    This is too cool. Thank you Nolans.

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  14. Anonymous

    Darknight? What is that?

  15. Anonymous

    This was the best film I have EVER seen, to see it snubed like this had me in a riot last night. I can’t belive “Frost Nixon” and “Slum Dog” are passing it by. The system sucks. Please keep the amazing work up Nolan brothers!

  16. Anonymous

    THE READER?!?!? THE READER?!?!? Really! I’am so so sorry you guys are not getting the treatment you deserve!

  17. Martin

    Oscar seems to be determined to write its history in infamy…

    The extraordinary legacy of “The Dark Knight” will live on.

    2008 was an extraordinary year for many of us - film fans. We owe it to you Mr Nolan, your brother, Christopher, and all members of the cast and crew who devoted their time, patience and skills to complete the monumental cinematic poem we can’t get enough of: “The Dark Knight”. In a sense the bygone season is not really over yet, we can experience the film again at our local IMAX once more… I was born in the mid 70’s. I envied my parents’ generation that they had “The Godfather”; their seminal, adult-themed masterpiece which stunned the critics, broke the box-office records and left its permanent mark on the popular culture. Considering the current trends in mainstream film-making the belief that similar feat could be repeated struck as irrational, unfounded, remote… By bringing “The Dark Knight” to its glorious cinematic life you have achieved the seemingly impossible. I can only try to imagine how many small and major battles you had to fight (and win) to protect your vision and artistic integrity. They were worth it. I’m sure you think they always are. Whatever the outcome…

    It’s been truly special - participating in “The Dark Knight” phenomenon sparked by your passion and talent. Thank you for this gift (and all your previous wonderful efforts as well :)

    The cinema needs you.

  18. ManWhoLaughs83

    A very classy move by Jonah. Much appreciated.

  19. Emmanuel

    Thanks back to you, Mr. Nolan for you and your brother’s remarkable writing skills on The Dark Knight. I hope you win the WGA award for Best Adapted Screenplay. You’re one of my idols and I hope you good luck on Terminator 4 and your other film endeavors.

  20. steve

    wow! thats really awesome! Thanks Mr. Nolan for the letter! And thanks for writing such an awesome movie! Thanks to Chris too for writing it with you and directing it! Thanks to everyone who participated in the making! Such a great movie and I can’t wait to see what happens next! As an aspiring writer myself, the fact that a movie this good can actually be written and made is inspirational!!!

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  22. sudhanshu

    i think the oscar jury loved the dark knight way too much!!thats y they r doin the nomination thing like ‘the joker’,that is INSANE INSANE AND COMPLETLY INSANE!

  23. DarkDevil

    I’m really happy to hear how realistically Jonah Nolan sees the Oscars. It definately sucked hard eggs that TDK was snubbed for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay though, who cares!

    Just because the Oscars don’t award a movie does NOT mean that the movie is any less brilliant.

    At the end of the day, Batman will ENDURE

  24. Ben

    Props to nolan for keeping his chin up about this tragic oversight. I say we all boycott the Oscars this year as a show of all movie lovers hatred for this lack of respect for what is truly one of the best films ever made…..

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  26. Anonymous

    The Reader Sucks

  27. N.K.

    Thanks, Mr. Nolan. Thanks for bringing Batman back from Joel Schumacher purgatory. Thanks for making people realize what potential comic book movies posess. Your film will be recognized for generations to come. And they’ll give you both a collective Thank You.

  28. Anonymous

    join the facebook group…Boycott the oscars for snubbing the dark knight


    The oscars must pay for this bull shit and they will when they see how bad the ratings were, and it could have been one of the highest rated oscars of all time if they had nominated it…too bad…join now and spread the word

  29. Rayne

    Nicely said everyone. I would just like to add to what was said above. Let’s focus on the nominations that this film has now earned. And I would like to spread some cheerful thought if I may:

    I believe without a shadow of a doubt, that Heath is looking down on us right now with tears in his eyes, while his soul is bursting with pride. I am sure that he never dreamed of the love people are pouring out not just for him, but for the role he gave of himself into. My friends, he still knows he has the most loyal fanbase. And he loves you all tremendously. He did this role knowing full well that you all would welcome him as The Joker. Let us Celebrate him one last time as he wins the Oscar this year. As Chris Nolan accepts the Award on his behalf, and the crowd cheers his name, let us stand as well, lift a glass of wine and toast him in his honor By placing our hand on our hearts and saying a final prayer.

    This is what I believe people. This is what we should do to make this campaign go out with a bang! Let’s go out in style, Let’s go out with class. Let’s look Oscar right in the eye and say “Hey! Why so Serious you ass!!!”

  30. Krystal

    Check out Colin Boyd’s Get The Big Picture blog about Jonah Nolan’s thank you email to the Dark Campaign:


  31. trueFan

    It’s not just about the Oscar, is about sending a message. We need a new kind of academy and we are going to give it to them. Thanks Mr. Nolan for living such a memorable impression with this extraordinary film.

  32. Nelly

    Aw, that’s so nice. I think it’s a shame that Chris wasn’t nominated, but I am very happy for Heath and all the other nods! My wish is that The dark knight could rule the Oscars!

  33. Alex Corvius

    First of all I want the cretor of this page to know, that today’s newspaper here in Puerto Rico, featured the situation of this web page, that’s how I got here.

    Second, that I’m extremely in accord to what de flick in the start of the page says. I would not have minded if Dark Night didn’t won the Best Movie Of The Year Oscar, but I do find hard to believe that it was not nominated. That’s the least thing to do for the Academy.

    Third, I really do hope that Warner Brothers take this page in serious consideration for making a 3rd movie, not only because we are very passionate about this character and story, but because The Legacy of the Batman should not be murdered like this.

    Mr. Nolan should not give up. The only rumor I would I wished for to be true was Johnny Dep As The Riddler, that is a character that with a great story line could just eat the Academy alive.

    Forth but not least. It’s true in one of the statements, I watched TDK 3 times in theaters, I have it on Blue-Ray since the day that was on sale and without liying I have seen it almost like 15 times or more. The storyline is so catchy, so real and sometimes we don’t want to see it, but people, all over the world do have psychological disturbances like The Joker, only that in Ledger’s case is every person in one…

    I lije to thank the Academy for giving the Ledger family such a honorary moment.

    Thank you guys for letting me express my feelings about this.

    By the way, I saw Benjamin Button and although Brad Pit’s performance is excelent, the storyline of the movie is more sci-fi’s than TDK…

  34. Alex Corvius

    For the record, here’s the link to Puerto Rico’s Newspaper story related to the page…


  35. Eduardo Salceda

    Gracias por el mensaje y es cierto, lo mejor que nos ha dejado The Dark Knight… ha sido la pasión desatada.

    Saludos a todos

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  37. Alex Corvius

    Eso es asì Eduardo, you know, I was so into the movie the first time I saw it on theaters, that when I got home a wrote a poem about it. When I saw the piece when the boats have their respective detonation devices, that was one of the peak moments in the movie.

    Don’t you get it Academy, the director is letting us know basically the same think that Barack Obama is letting everybody know in his acceptance speach as president.

    IF WE ALL GET UP TOGETHER AND FIGHT A COMMON ENEMY WE CAN SUCCEED. Everybody know that in the real world, The Innocent boat would have blown up the Prisoners boat.

    But instead we are giving a lesson of good, a lesson of HOPE !!! A lesson that when I wrote my poem I made sure that I will never forget That hope and faith are the last things a person should loose.

  38. Anonymous

    The simple fact of the matter is that the Oscars (just like every other freakin’ awards show these days) is decided by a bunch of guys who sat around and decided that “Godfather” should win best picture. When they look at a brillant piece of art like TDK, all they see is “Batman”. They don’t bother to think about what it took to direct such a stellar cast. Or to make a sequel even better than the original, but not just better, legendary (which by the way hasn’t been done since Cameron remade Aliens). It just another classic example of people being blind to art when they see it. BOYCOTT THE OSCARS!!!

  39. JUG

    It’s touching to know that the Nolans took notice of our efforts. I was a little worried that they might feel embarrassed by this campaign, but having read Jonah’s letter I think they understand that we all fully and genuinely believed in the film’s Oscar potential. There’s no shame in pushing recognition for a film as accomplished as this one.

    I sympathize with them now, though, because there’s so much pressure on them to make a third film and make it live up to its predecessors. But I have faith in them. If they stick to their creative instincts and don’t bow to external pressure I’m sure they’ll come up with a worthy installment that will truly make this Batman trilogy one for the ages.

    In the meantime, I’m booking tickets to see TDK again in the London BFI Imax as soon as I finish this post. Can’t wait!

  40. hdog


  41. Erin

    It was a mistake not to nominate TDK for adapted screenplay, director, and picture. i was truly suprised.
    what a challenge it is to make a comic book movie that is so widely embraced by fans/readers of the comic.

    thanks so much!

  42. Anonymous

    Hi, my 2 cents:

    The best way to boycott the oscars is…

    … to go watch The Dark Knight again at the same time the oscar is playing! :)

  43. Krystal

    Saw Dark Knight again last night in IMAX & of course it was awesome!! :o) I went with someone from a church choir I play for, & she really thought it was good too (& she hadn’t seen it before!) Want to go at least 1 more time with my sister (& she hasn’t seen it before either!)

    Maybe if DK makes enough money with this IMAX expansion, Warner Bros. will consider keeping it in theaters longer or bringing it back annually as a memorial/tribute to Heath Ledger or something.

  44. George

    Nobody panics when everything goes according to plan.
    If, two days ago, the academy said The Dark Knight made best picture, or Christoper Nolans got a Best Director nod, nobody panics, because its all part of the plan.

    But if they say that one little old “The Reader” gets nominated, well than everyone loses their minds!

    Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. The Academy is an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s political, corrupt, and biased!

    I love The Dark Knight :)

  45. Mercy

    Really good to hear!
    Yes, we are all passionate about it. :) And will remain passionate.

  46. Damion

    The fi;m wsn’t nomintaed…it’s too late…dudes, get over it…we all know it should have been nominated instead of “The Reader” but seriously…move on. It will get Best upporting Actor at least!

  47. Joker

    The oscars are a joke. you complete me.

  48. Batman

    Do you trust the oscars?

  49. Harvey

    I believe in Christopher Nolan. He is larger than the Academy.

  50. Joker

    Why so serious? denying the oscars to batman only makes them stranger.

  51. Colins

    A case of sheer embarrassment that one of the finest movies of our lifetimes was not nominated for the best picture at the oscars. I have lost my faith in the oscars. Hollywood’s decline has begun.
    Boycott Oscars

  52. evi

    for me “the dark knight” is the best movie that I have seen in my life!! so, i think that you Mr. Nolan are a genius!!
    and thanks so much for the latter!

  53. David B

    Great campaign here, it certainly was a bit of a surprise not to see picture and director nominations. But eight nominations is no bad thing. These awards do tend to be full of politics and controversial thinking, so I’m not totally shocked.

  54. Adäm

    Thank you Jonah, and thank you Chris for making the best film in the movie’s history.
    It was me the pleasure to join the campaign. 8 Oscar nominations are simple amazing, but sadly near one (Heath) they are not the main categories. (writing, director, picture) You are guys the best filmmakers in the world, I’m sure, that in the future you will recive an Academy Award ;)

    So, thanks again! It was a beautiful journey.

    I belive in Harvey Dent, I belive in Nolan bros!

  55. Tom

    Mr. Jonah Nolan, Mr. Christopher Nolan, you are great director, you made movie of the year and I am sure that you will get more than one Oscar in future. Thank you for awesome Dark Knight. Thank you for all your films…

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  57. Angel

    The Dark Knight is the best film in 2008, without discussion, no other film to their level.

    And Nolan deserved at least among the nominees for best director, but hollywood is hollywood, and that we are not going to change.

    Thanks, Mr. Nolan for this fantastic movie, is history of cinema, and a very special to remember Heath for his memorable role as Joker.

    Cheers from Spain

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  59. ShortNUgly

    Before The Dark Knight, my favorite movies were The Godfather 1 & 2, Gone With The Wind, Ben Hur, movies that I thought could never be equaled. I was wrong. The Dark Knight stands with the greatest ever made and is now my current all time favorite and I was NEVER a Batman fan. I knew nothing really about Batman other than that he was just a campy superhero who dressed up like Dracula. This film completely caught me by surprise, I mean, when I sat there as the credits rolled I actually teared up. I knew I had watched something rare.

    The emotions that flowed through me are something I had never felt after leaving a movie. I can still feel them after every watch.

    For the academy to nominate a movie about a Nazi pedophile freak and to snub this rare piece of art is beyond me.

  60. val

    Wow! That is so touching that he took the time to send the site that letter! Thankyou so much! And Chris Nolan - we love your film ALOT! Thankyou for making a quality superhero film!!!! Thankyou!

  61. Alexchumon

    Es una verdadera desgracia que tan buena pelicula, no fuera tomada en cuenta como candidata a ser la mejor de todas.
    Muy buena pelicula, muy buena actuacion de Heath Ledger (R.I.P.)
    Fue una injusticia, es un ultraje a tan buena pelicula!

  62. R W O

    From Vietnam, you had all my love, The Dark Knight.Boycott the Oscar !!! It always makes me pissed off.

    But whatever things went, The Dark Knight is still the movie of 21st century, absolutely worth comparing with Godfather of 20th century. Slumdog Millionaire, Milk or Benjamin Button may be the great movie of 2008 but I think no one will wanna watch them in 2020. But with The Dark Knight, its age has no limits.

    The Dark Knight is more awesome than anything in this planet, even the Oscar.

  63. hue

    you have my vote Jonah! well, if i could vote, you would have it.

    didn’t know that about the booze situation at the oscars. you would think they could loosen the purse strings a little bit for such an event?

    best of luck!


  64. Rayne


    Ok folks, I just got off the phone with Leslie Unger. She is the Director of Communications/Media Relations For the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences. My true name is witheld from this site. I use my screen name here instead. Here is how the phone Interview went:

    Good Morning Leslie. Thank you for speaking with me.

    Leslie: It’s not a problem. What can I do for you today?

    Rayne: I am calling on behalf of an online campaign called DarkCampaign.com. And I was was wondering if I could get a comment from the Academy on the Snubbing of the Dark Knight for Best Picture, and Best Director?

    Leslie: We would hardly call a film that gets nominated for 8 Awards snubbing.

    Rayne: But for a film the likes of “The Reader”? how is that justified?

    Leslie: The nominations are created by a panel of professional Film-Makers that know what they are doing. Just because “The Dark Knight” didn’t make the cut, doesn’t mean WE didn’t think it was a great film. Unfortunately, the nominations are not up to us specifically.

    Rayne: So it’s the Panel itself and not the Academy as a whole?

    Leslie: Exactly. And Heath did get nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

    Rayne: An award we are sure he will win. You may not remember, but we spoke a while back in regards to “The Dark Knight” getting equal consideration.

    Leslie: I remember you. And after speaking with you, I payed a visit to the Darkcampaign Website. Again we would like to say that we appreciate the fans dedication to this film, But there is nothing that can be done at this point in the game. Please let the fans on your site know that.

    Rayne: It is not MY site, i am just writing for them. So the fact that it is in essence a comic book movie had nothing to do with the Nomination decision?

    Leslie: As I stated a moment ago, the nominations are decided by a Panel of Film-Makers not us. We have little to no idea what helps them in thier decision.

    Rayne: Well thank you for your time. I am sure people will find this of interest.

    Leslie: You’re welcome. Please offer our apologies to the fans on your website. It is not in our nature to diliberately upset the public. Also let them know to tune in on Sunday, February 22nd to see who wins. Good Luck!!!

    There you have it everyone, the explanation you all were wanting. I know it brings little comfort, and I am sorry.

  65. Marty P.

    I, too, am disappointed with ampas, a group that continues to seem more and more irrelevant in its choices year after year–I mean, a film like Dark Knight was hailed by the critics–right at the top in all lists you see published, and also by the public, evidenced by attendance and box office, and if a film like this is snubbed by the academy for Best Picture, then what exactly is the definition of BEST? I don’t think the academy even knows anymore.

  66. Marco Parussolo

    Thank you very much Nolan, Dark Knight it’s the best film in 2008. I hope for it and you a great Oscar.

    Complimenti a tutto il cast. Grande Film, grandi attori, grande regista. Un Grande riconoscimento a Heat, il vero e grande Joker.


  67. Tracey

    I’m very happy to see that Dark Knight received 8 nominations. Thanks to all you guys who worked on TDK for a fantastic film and thanks to Jonah Nolan for taking the time to write in. Thanks Blair for creating this campaign and keeping us informed and excited for the film.

    I’m glad we can wrap this oscar buzz project on a positive. :)

  68. Anonymous

    This movie gives so much more than we asked…so much more and i think it should at least be nominated. AT LEAST

  69. Roger

    TDK was awesome, as you all know. And this Dark Campaign was an excellent idea. Hope fully it, along with the film’s box office, demonstrates to Chris and Jonah Nolan the appeal and regard for their film.

  70. Anonymous

    The Dark Knight by far one of the best films of the year, and like Wall-E, this past year was great for commercial/blockbuster movies because they showed great qaulity and intelligent screenplays.

    This year Im very dissapointed by silly decitions made by the Academy, Frost/Nixon, really??, is just like Good Night and Good Luck, The Reader?, is like The Hours, and they love Stephen Daldry, the guy just has done 3 films and for those 3 he has been nominated for Oscar!!!!!!!!!!

    The Dark Knight was supposed to be nominated for 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay; they only did the technical which im predicting will win all and obviously a performance difficult to ignore,so lets take the things more calm…
    IT WILL WIN THE 8 NOMINATIONS!pretty sure of it

  71. Krystal

    Brandon Gray of Box Office Mojo wrote an excellent article on Jan.26/09 referencing the Oscars & DK at http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=2540&p=.htm

    “Meanwhile, a picture that didn’t need the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to help get the word out but that the Academy may have needed in the Best Picture race to boost the sagging ratings of its telecast, The Dark Knight, had a modest re-launch at 350 venues and generated $667,397, slightly augmenting its phenomenal run that stands at $531.7 million in 192 days. The Academy claims that the Oscars are “The biggest movie event of the year,” yet The Dark Knight, an actual movie that people had to leave their houses for and pay to see, sold more tickets than the typical viewership of the Oscar telecast.”

    Ha! I especially like the last part about DK selling more tickets than the average viewership of the Oscars. :)

  72. vampyra

    Thank You Jonah and thank you Chris for giving us cinema goers a wonderful film. And thank you again Jonah for acknowleging the fabulous people who created this website dedicated to The Dark Knight. Even if this film does not win an award ( though I’m hoping for Heath to win) The Nolans will get the last laugh. Why? because The Dark Knight will be REMEMBERED when in 12 months time people would have long forgotten the other contenders. So please Chris and Jonah don’t become dishearted go out there and show them. I can’t wait to see your next film!

  73. Clark

    Well said Jonah. You have give us an example of the higher road (the road less traveled these day). Thank you.

    Another loyal batfan

  74. Jose Hinojosa

    I Believe We the Fans has to give the Awards, to Crhistopher Nolan (BEST DIRECTOR), to the GREAT CAST: Christian Bale, Heat Ledger, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Jonathan Nolan co-writer.

    I hope we can see a next film of BATMAN from Mr. Nolan.

  75. bryan

    hi! i agree, the Oscars should break their tradition on nominating films which does not deserve to be nominated. TDK is clearly a worthy movie of a nomination or even winning the best picture for the year. great cast, great writing, great directing. watch it in IMAX and regular theater, and im still watching it on video, still moves me…

    PS clip is awesome. great site!!!

  76. Anonymous

    The Academy Awards are a joke. and have been for some time now. I haven’t watched it in years and was hoping I finally had a reason to watch it this year but like the previous couple of years I will not be watching. I hope their ratings slump soo low that they don’t come back next year. Let’s get a REAL awards show, not that laughable garbage they call they call the oscars.

  77. chris


  78. Thomas Hendrix

    The Oscars will never choose a comic movie for anything good. It wasn’t even nominated for BEST ORIGINAL SCORE.

    The Oscars have failed 90% of the time since it’s been on, especially with ‘The Dark Knight’, and giving Annie Hall BP over ‘Star Wars’.

  79. Thomas Hendrix

    The last two true best films have been ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ and ‘The Departed’. The rest are just the same old boring drama crap that a lot of people will only watch once in their life.

  80. Boo

    How can anyone be sure that the email was really from Jonah Nolan?

    Hello? It could’ve been written by anybody.

  81. Blair

    It was really from him.

  82. Rohit

    I just want to say one thing here. I’m a Batman fan, a true Batman fan. Batman to me is a true superhero, he’s not bitten by a spider and goes around slinging webs, he’s a responsible citizen of Gotham, and he is someone who has a real history. I’ve been watching Batman cartoons and reading Batman comics since I was a kid. None of the previous Batman films before Batman Begins satisfied me as a true Batman Movie. Batman Beings changed all that. That was in true sense a real Batman film. And when I came to know that Joker was the bad guy in The Dark Knight, I had my concern. Joker was THE enemy of Batman, and his trademark laughter was something which defines Joker. But when I saw The Dark Knight, my whole definition of The Joker was changed. Heath Ledger was truly inspiring and out of this world. He lifted Joker way beyond my wildest expectations. The Dark Knight reinstalled faith to many in comic book movies and it deserves a nomination, if not an award in the eyes of the biased Oscar jury. To not even nominate such a movie which has almost touched the Titanic collections of Titanic, and even has better ratings at Rotten Tomatoes, I think its a shame. Oscars once again showed us why they are known to be biased. The Dark Knight is forever inscribed in the Hollywood history as one of the finest ever made, whether or not it got the Oscar or not, it got what mattered the most. The love of a Batman fan. Its a real tribute to the greatest superhero, The Dark Knight.

  83. Rayne





  84. Lain444

    HEATH LO LOGRO!!!! XD Y ademas otro oscar poara sazonar wiiiiii

  85. Steve

    Wow…I’m touched. And pretty speechless. I didn’t even bother watching the Oscars again this year (I believe that they are a disgrace to the art of filmmaking, being a huge fan of films).

    But that Jonah went out of his way to email and thank us like that…he loves film more than the attention, fame, and glory of some naked gold guy.

    And may God bless him and his brother in the future.

  86. vampyra

    Fanfare please…..HEATH LEDGER WON AN OSCAR!!!!!!!YAY!! Though it has to be said that award is bitter-sweet, because this talented actor is no longer with us. Heath’s Joker has raised the bar for film villains. Thank you for a memorable performance Heath, your Joker will never be forgotten. Sleep peacefully, beautiful prince.

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