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Many already agree that the Dark Knight is one of the best pictures of the year.  An unparalleled and extraordinary achievement of quality epic film making that only happens on rare occasions when lightning strikes.  Audiences and critics alike were blown away by the riveting drama, the compelling performances, the amazing cinematography, and the startling way the film redefined cinematic storytelling in an epic crime drama about justice, society, and the nature of evil.  Films like this only come along once in a lifetime…

But why care whether it gets an Oscar?

Well because it’s a part of history.  If “The Dark Knight” is the first comic book film to ever be nominated for Best Picture, that is what goes down in the history books.

The alternative option is that Hollywood writes it off as just another Hollywood comic book summer blockbuster and the studios completely ignore the quality, care, writing, acting, cinematography, and storytelling that set this film apart from the rest.  The better “Dark Knight” does in terms of prestige and respect, the higher the bar is raised for the artform.  Wouldn’t you like rather see more comic book films like “Dark Knight” and less “Fantastic Four,” “Ghost Rider,” “Daredevil,” “Elektra,” “Spiderman 3,” and “Xmen 3.”

There are so many comic books done badly by studios that don’t understand.  They all made plenty of money for their studios, but what makes “Dark Knight” different and special?  What about all those qualities that make it a great film?  The studios should understand the power of a great comic book storytelling translation and the pointlessness of a bad one.  I’m hoping an effort to get a Best Picture nomination makes that clear to them.  It’s rewarding the studio and filmmakers that did it right.

And yet it has an uphill battle ahead of it for Academy Awards nomination chances.

But why?

Well because Academy voters love tradition.  All 80 years of it. Tradition says that movies based on comic book characters do not get nominated for awards.  Summer Blockbusters?  Not likely. Sequels?  Definitely not.  So even if it was the greatest film of all time (IMDB currently has it at #4 of all time) it still faces long odds with Academy voters.

Remember 1999?  Some great groundbreaking films like Iron Giant, Fight Club, Magnolia, Election, Being John Malkovich, Talented Mr. Ripley, Man on the Moon, Run Lola Run, Three Kings… well guess what, not a single one of them was nominated for Best Picture.

So what this campaign aims to do is help turn the tide on those long odds.

If people get out there and spread the word, on film sites, movie newspapers, oscar blogs, and forums all over the Internet, that the Dark Knight deserves Best Picture, then it’s bound to have an influence on Academy Voters (yes even they use the Internet).  Even mainstream media might pickup the story, anything’s possible.

So get out there and spread the word and don’t let a chance at making cinematic history for The Dark Knight pass by.

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  1. juice

    This is really a great idea. TDK deserves it. Amazing film.

  2. batfan

    It’s about time the Academy honor a comic book movie. They’ve snubbed everything for years but half they stuff they honor is forgotten in months.

  3. robz40

    Why not just collect money and purchase a big billboard over Sunset Blvd? Okay that’s maybe jumping the gun a little bit but with enough people behind it…

  4. r00terrouter

    I think it can go all the way. The crop is weak this year and Dark Knight was an incredible work and Ledger’s final swan song. C’mon Academy!!!!

  5. jinxster

    Anyone have a list of oscar voters online?

  6. MFS

    I support this!

  7. zoom zoom

    Give em hell Batman!

  8. quintlegs

    It’s funny that Spielberg makes all these huge blockbusters that are remembered for decades but has to make “art” films to win Oscars. I think comic book films suffer the same fate.

  9. Dramatic Episode

    It needs a nomination for sure.

  10. Elektra Fan

    How dare you bash the greatest movie of our lifetime… ELEKTRA!

    j/k there’s never been a comic book film as great as Dark Knight. Not even close. Though Sin City and Iron Man were both really good, they don’t compare.

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    [...] way at the site The Dark Campaign, featuring a fan-made TV spot rich with easy-to-read blurbs and a mission statement urging Academy revolution: There are so many comic books done badly by studios that don’t [...]

  12. mike

    Hey, I’m totally into the cause!…well kinda. I DO beleive this was the best movie of the year, and I do think Heath Ledgers performance was the best of the year. The problem I have with this cause is put best by you:

    “Remember 1999? Some great groundbreaking films like Iron Giant, Fight Club, Magnolia, Election, Being John Malkovich, Talented Mr. Ripley, Man on the Moon, Run Lola Run, Three Kings… well guess what, not a single one of them was nominated for Best Picture.”

    The oscars suck! I have a degree in cinema and I can tell you no one in the real world of film, artistically or academically cares about the Oscars. By constantly being wrong they’ve made themselves obsolete. I personally gave up when “Forest Gump” won over “Pulp Fiction”. BUT good luck!

  13. Jess

    Can you make some buttons that we can use to advertise the campaign on our sites please?

  14. admin

    Hey Jess, I will definitely get on that tonight. Good call.

  15. Jerrry Horror

    As far as super-hero films or comic book adaptations go,
    The Dark Knight captured the hearts and imagination of “film goers” WORLD WIDE. Perhaps, another movie of the genre will be made with such gusto, acting and passion.
    The Dark Knight is a testament to great storytelling and pure unadulterated adulation. In some capacity, I hope the Academy recognizes the vision of everyone on this production. If The Dark Knight is the apex, perhaps magnum opus of “comic book” films, let this be the one that gets the nod. Just for sheer enjoyment and escapism this film provided for the young and old.



  16. joker:)

    I am supporting this film for every award it is eligible for. I hope this film does become the first comic book film to ever be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar (and if it wins I’ll just stare in amazement at my TV screen trying to understand what just happened). Heath ledger will be nominated. That performance is impossible to ignore. I love this campaign site! Good work!

  17. JM

    Thankfully, TDK has been getting Best Picture buzz for quite a few months now. And Heath Ledger has been getting buzz since January! And as other Oscar hopefuls continue to disappoint (most recently, “The Changeling” and “Australia” got mixed reviews), TDK’s chances improve. I’m pretty sure that it’s a lock for a nomination… a lock meaning >90% chance of getting it.

  18. Siddharth

    No movie deserves an oscar nomination more than TDK this year. Apart from TDK the whole year has been dismal. I think there isn’t even enough competition to TDK, but you never know the academy. Its unfortunate they ruled out the TDK score on a technicality basis.
    TDK is the only movie ever I went to see in the movie theater twice(after watching a movie I prefer to wait for the DVDs) and here in my small city in India if it had remained in theaters longer I would have visited the theater every other week.

  19. LeBron Mexico

    “The Dark Knight” will be certainly nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, as well as numerous others, simply because ABC needs the ratings. Though I can’t support this with specific hard evidence (if anyone has numbers, feel free to share), I know that the numbers for the broadcast have been down for years. I suppose I should give ABC the benefit of the doubt. Maybe all of those hard-core fans were out seeing “Capote” or “Atonement” for the sixth time during the telecasts. Any which way, the overwhelming popularity of this film is what ABC will need to harness in order to attract advertising sponsors who are more miserly than they have been in recent years due to a sagging economy. There is still ad inventory available the Super Bowl, for crying out loud. As a straight man, I’ve never been invited to an Oscar party nor had any desire to watch the Oscars. But I might be tempted to watch if “The Dark Knight” were to be featured prominently in the telecast. This is the best American movie since “Fight Club” and the most important film about our post-9/11 world to date. It certainly deserves the honor. But make no mistake - its nomination will be purely a financial move.

  20. A.Stiffler

    This AMAZING movie has gone beyond the boundaries of anything I have ever seen. The plot, the acting, the stunts, the effects, the cinematography, the IMAX scenes… Its all amazing. Chris Nolan did an awesome job in creating this movie and has earned his place in history. No movie I have ever seen can compare. I, along with my BFF (above) have seen it SEVEN times, six of which were in IMAX. I anticipate it’s rerelease in January to bring us to an even TEN times, but probably more. Thank you, Chris Nolan, as well as Christian, Heath, Gary, Aaron, and all others who made this movie, for such an inspiring masterpiece!

  21. Lain444

    I support this campaign 100%, the oscar already won this year XD

    I believe in the joker hahahaha

    and dont forget keep smiling

  22. Brittany

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Yes yes yes!! I love The Dark Knight. Best. Movie. Ever. *faint*

  23. Big Braveheart

    1999. Well these films were groundbreaking but none of them are what The Dark Knight is and that is truly epic, with the exception of Fight Club ( which was veryclever) i think these films had something to say but The Dark Knight sums up and says an awful lot more. There are so many ideas and thoughts condensed into the story and it truly does deserve to win the Best Picture Oscar, of that i have no doubt at all and i love the point on it being the first comic-book film to win because it really is a fantastic piece of film-making and is a classic.
    To me looking at the challengers for best picture only Benjamin Button seems
    like a serious heavyweight. Milk may get Sean Penn another best actor gong
    and Frost / Nixon does look good but these films have been done so many times before whereas there never has been a comic-book film of such tremendous quality and effort like The Dark Knight and it is just a great great film, the last time a film moved me as much in the cinema was American Beauty and that won Best Picture so it’s about time a truly brilliant film wins again. TDK all the way!!!!!

  24. Dylan Hintz

    Our website will soon have a podcast up, of a group discussion format, promoting this website and its ideas. Please email me about cross promoting this.

  25. The Dark Knight for Oscar | RedDevil's Turf

    [...] Begins Review & Dark Knight Review. Anyways Dark Campaign has a very strong message in their About Page, and it surely is a great effort at the grassroots [...]


    well done guys, i’m with you.

  27. Adrian

    Friend counts on my support from Universo Retro of Argentina, already you have a link to your blog.
    A great greeting and The Joker to the Power!

  28. vampyra

    I found TDK to be the most enjoyable movie experience of 2008. It was superbly done in every way and deserves best picture oscar. Heath Ledger deserves best actor in supporting role oscar as well. He should have won for his portrayal of Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain. So let’s hop he wins for The Joker! All hail Batman!

  29. Aleš

    Go Dark Knight Go!!!

  30. J

    The contact information for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is on their site: Oscars.org. An admin should make up a ton of flyers. Like… a ridiculous amount. Fix boxes with them and mail a box to each of those locations. Lather, rinse, repeat every week. Keep doing it. I’ve done this with other things. It works. Keep sending things and bothering the hell out of them. Everybody else: email email email! There’s are several spots on the Academy’s site to send pretty general emails. Maybe investigate further to make sure you’re reaching someone who’s not some secretary or intern at a desk. But really. Repetition can be really useful.

  31. Lindsey

    I totally agree it’s a great movie, not just a great comic book movie in general an amazing movie! “Milk” was ok but it’s like “Brokeback Mountain” the reason so many people thinks it’s great is because it highlights homosexuality, the movie isn’t actually that stimulating.
    While “Dark Knight” is amazing! The screenplay grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. The cimatography is stimulating! This movie is why people love movies and it should get the recognized with “Best Picture.” “Dark Knight” revitalized the box office when even Indiana Jones himself couldn’t.

  32. Dennis

    Without a doubt The Dark Knight deserves a best picture nod. It is one of the best films this year all the actors did an amazing job and everyone should be recognized for their work.

  33. Josh

    TDK is a masterpiece. The deserves to be nominated for at least the following,

    Best Picture
    Best Director
    Best Supporting Actor-Should win

    Any other nominations would be great, but the film clearly deserves those three. I have yet to see one movie this year as good as TDK, because there isn’t one.

  34. Nellie

    The Dark knight totally deserves an Oscar nomination!
    A terrific film, Heath Ledger as the Joker is the performance of the year!

  35. Raphael

    i’m glad to see this campaign, the dark knight is the best movie of all times

  36. Raphael

    shoub nomined a least in

    best picture
    actor (christian bale)
    supporting actor (heath ledger, gary oldman and aaron eckhart)
    sound edited
    sound mixing
    vissual effects
    make up
    production designer

  37. Rayne


    Upon emails, and various attempts at reaching the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, I have recieved word back. The following is what was told to me via e-mail from the A.M.P.A.A.S.:

    “Due to the vast amounts of emails, and requests for consideration, You have succeeded in catching our attention. Academy Members will give respectable thought to this years movies. Films such as “The Dark Knight” will be given equal consideration along with other competing films. We applaud the hearts of those with so much dedication, and love for a film of this caliber. Thank you for your feedback, and good luck.”

    Well, everyone there you have it. This is straight from the Academy itself. I fought hard for this response. I hope it pleases a lot of you out there for all your hard work.

  38. Tiago Jesus

    hi there people!
    well… this movie hited me real big!
    i love the movie, heath’s parts are remarkalbe,
    i’ll never forget the way he says “why so serious?” neither i’ll forget the other Joker’s parts.
    i’m really passionate with this movie.

  39. John Jackson

    ” Wouldn’t you like rather see more comic book films like “Dark Knight” and less “Ghost Rider,” etc …

    No i’d rather see no comic book films made at all, i’d rather the film industry go back to making character films and personal films in which you can relate to. Who can relate to a guy who dresses up in leather and does martial arts. Also it can’t be a masterpiece otherwise you wouldn’t have to beg for it to get nominated, do you think the Godfather had to beg to get nominated!

  40. Anonymous

    what a shitty movie, i’m glad Heath Deadyea is 6 feet under, shite actor who is getting bummed by all the faggy emo’s cos he wears make up in the film and is a miserable cunt. He’s called the JOKER for a reason you stupid Australian fuck up!!

  41. Rayne

    Entertainment Weekly Magazine picks The Dark Knight as a Nominee for Oscar!!!

  42. Rayne

    Unfortunately, The Re-Release of The Dark Knight at the end of this month will not fall within the timetable written in the “Rules and Regulations” on the Academy’s Web Page.

    Rule Three, Paragraph One states:
    The required Los Angeles County qualifying run (described in Rule Two Paragraph 2) must open between January 1, 2008 and midnight of December 31, 2008.

    Now, even though the second run of this great epic film does not fall within the guidelines to be given additional consideration, it was still released within the above mentioned timetable to be nominated to begin with. The only thing that could work in it’s favor is that the Academy Members will have a chance to see it again.

    For further Rules & Regulations, please visit http://www.oscar.org and click on “Rules and Eligability”, then click on “View official Rules for the 81st Academy Awards”.

  43. Jakky

    This is perfect, just what we need =). Even if it doesnt get the award (wich it will), the movie is still one of the best ever, in every aspect. And Ledger also deserves his little oscar. We can do it!

  44. Rayne

    THIS JUST IN!!!!!

    At the Peoples Choice Awards that just aired, The Dark Knight won ALL five of the awards it was nominated for.

    Awards Won:
    Favorite Cast
    Action Movie
    On Screen Match-up of Batman Vs. Joker
    Favorite Movie

    Upon recieving the award, here is what Mr. Wayne himself had to say:

    “Thank you very, very much,” said Bale, flanked by Aaron Eckhart and director Christopher Nolan, upon accepting the evening’s top award. “And on behalf of all of the cast from the movie, thank you very much to the fans. Here’s to Heath, thank you.”

    My Friends, This is a happy day for everyone. You should all be proud. No matter what happens from here during Awards season, you made a difference. I applaud you all.

  45. Anonymous

    People’s Choice Awards = turd

  46. Rayne



    Heath Ledger won the supporting-actor Golden Globe on Sunday nearly a year after his death, earning the prize for his diabolical turn as the Joker in the Batman blockbuster “The Dark Knight.”

    The award was accepted by “Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan, who said he and his collaborators were buoyed by the enormous acclaim and acceptance the film and Ledger’s performance have gained worldwide.

    “All of us who worked with Heath on `The Dark Knight’ accept with an awful mixture of sadness but incredible pride,” Nolan said. “After Heath passed, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema.”

    The Globe win boosts Ledger’s prospects for the supporting-actor honor at the Academy Awards, whose nominations come out Jan. 22, the one-year anniversary of the actor’s death from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs.

    Only one actor has ever won a posthumous Oscar, best-actor recipient Peter Finch for 1976’s “Network.”

  47. John Jackson

    No big Oscar noms……..HAhahah eat that you fanboys, i told you it wasn’t anything special. So stop sucking batman’s cock and go watch some real films.

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  49. Eric Cassar

    I have seen all the movies that where nominated for this years academy awards and none of them come close to the great cinematic achievement that TDK is this movie was fantastic flawless amazing!

  50. Annon


  51. Nishiio

    It’s okay. The Academy can’t change their ways. But then again, we don’t need some old geezers on a panel to tell us what a good movie is. =)

  52. anonymous

    check and concur with the last one loved that movie is seriously one of the best i have ever seen daring dark rough brutal ………. the academy is poorer for not having selected this movie for the awards but for all us fans do we really need a golden statue to tell us which movie we like ?

  53. Dark Knight broods, again-from Io9.com | Operation40

    [...] at the Academy Awards as well as Nolan for Best Director. But I’m not alone in my lament; Dark Campaign has been rooting for TDK’s success for some time now. Jonathan Nolan (TDK screenwriter) sent [...]

  54. Krystal

    Brandon Gray of Box Office Mojo wrote an excellent article on Jan.26/09 referencing the Oscars & DK at http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=2540&p=.htm

    “Meanwhile, a picture that didn’t need the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to help get the word out but that the Academy may have needed in the Best Picture race to boost the sagging ratings of its telecast, The Dark Knight, had a modest re-launch at 350 venues and generated $667,397, slightly augmenting its phenomenal run that stands at $531.7 million in 192 days. The Academy claims that the Oscars are “The biggest movie event of the year,” yet The Dark Knight, an actual movie that people had to leave their houses for and pay to see, sold more tickets than the typical viewership of the Oscar telecast.”

    Ha! I especially like the last part about DK selling more tickets than the average viewership of the Oscars. :)

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